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Detox Diet

The idea might sound intimidating at first, but detox diets are anything but. In essence, the idea behind a detox diet is creating an opportunity to give your digestive system a brief ‘pause’ from its regular activities so that it has the opportunity to heal itself better.

Sometimes a detox diet requires you to give up most solid food in favor of detox diet drinks, but other times it’s merely a strategy of adding gut-healthy foods like detox foods into your diet instead.

A detox diet is an opportunity to feed your body the nutrients it needs while temporarily cutting out the potentially harmful ingredients like sugar, simple carbs, sweetened drinks, and processed foods.

In the same way that rehabilitation clinics help their patients overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol, a detox diet will help you train your body to quit craving unhealthy foods and function better on wholesome ingredients instead.

Three Day Detox Diet

Prevention magazine is a leading health resource for women who want to be fit, and their 3-day detox diet is right on brand. This relaxing program is filled with tasty teas and healthy smoothies, and the timeframe is so short you won’t struggle to keep your commitment.

5-Day Detox Diet Plan

Looking for a structured detox diet plan that will keep you on track? This five-day program might be what you’re looking for. Just follow the instructions for each day to immediately improve your health.

Monday: Cut out extra sugar by skipping on any foods that add some in, and take a seven-minute walk after each meal.

Tuesday: Stay committed to your sugar fast and walking routine, and double up on your fruit and vegetable consumption.

Wednesday: Follow the previous days, but drink all your calories through smoothies instead of eating them.

Thursday-Friday: You’ll be following the steps for Monday and Tuesday, but commit to making all your meals meat-free.

At the end of the week, you can decide whether to continue for the next few weeks for even better health benefits over the long run.

Detox Tea

This detox plan is as much about what you add in as what you take out, and sipping some detox tea throughout the day can make all the difference.